New York City Gifted & Talented Programs
    Gifted & Talented Programs Admission Process
  • Submit a Request for Testing: online or in person (Deadline at early November).
  • Prepare tests: NNAT2 and OLSAT and take the tests (January or February).
  • Find out Results and Apply for Placement (if applicable): After the exams have been administered and scored, families will receive score reports for their children. Students who obtain an overall score of 90 or above on the G&T exam are eligible to apply for placement in District G&T programs. Students obtaining an overall score of 97 or above are eligible to apply for placement in both District and Citywide G&T programs (April)
  • Receive Placement Notification (Later May)

For detail of the New York City Gifted & Talented Programs, please visit "Gifted & Talented Resources - New York City Department of Education".

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